The following terms and conditions outline the benefits as well as the limitations of your membership in Amazon Sellers Club. We recommend you print a copy and review it regularly; it will help you understand the responsibilities you have as an Amazon Seller, and how you can utilize your ASC membership to full advantage.

  • Product Sourcing

You will have access to great sourcing agents and factories in China. Unlike middlemen from Alibaba who frequently get kickbacks from factories, you can trust that our agents have YOUR best interests in mind throughout sourcing, developing, manufacturing and delivering your products. ASC only uses fully-vetted, professional Chinese Sourcing Agents with whom we have placed multiple, successful, large orders and have developed a high level of trust. They have handled large financial transfers and are familiar with Amazon requirements for packaging, shipping and labeling. HOWEVER, it is important for you, as the owner of your business, to recognize that the product orders you place are your responsibilityASC provides no warranties or guarantees. It is wholly incumbent upon you to ensure that your product complies with all federal and state laws. In addition, although our agents are familiar with Amazon FBA requirements and may alert you to potential issues (saving you time and money), it is ultimately your responsibility to confirm all information related to your shipment. View these agents as a helpful resource - never the final authority.

  • Freight Forwarding

ASC has developed a great relationship with our freight forwarders. They consistently negotiate the best rates and serve as another great resource for import and customs information. Our members get the advantages of great negotiated rates and volume discounts. In addition, you will enjoy a higher level of service, earned by our long-standing, successful relationship. Whether you are importing full, 45-foot, high-cube containers or just a few cartons, our freight forwarder can help you find the best rates and work with you to consolidate with other shippers. Remember, our freight forwarders, like all freight forwarders, have no control over potential inspections, customs clearance issues, tariffs, or fees. With that said, we have found that having a widely respected and established freight handler appears to have minimized the number of surprise inspections and issues that we have had in the past. 

  • Sample Procurement & Consolidation

ASC Agents will save you time and money by gathering and inspecting samples in China, then shipping only the samples that meet your quality specifications. Many samples in China are junk, but shipping cheap, worthless junk costs just as much as shipping a good sample. Having an Agent to validate and consolidate GOOD samples for your final inspection is a huge advantage. 

  • Foreign Money Transfers

The scariest part of placing an order in China is that first click of the button when your money leaves your account and goes somewhere out of reach. The exhilaration of placing an order is dampened by the gnawing fear that the money is now out of your hands - all you can do is cross your fingers because recourse in China is almost impossible. You can never be 100% certain you will receive what you’re paying for! By having a trustworthy Agent handle your money, distributing it to the factory only AFTER satisfactory completion of your order, takes the gamble out of sending large amounts of money to China. 

  • FBA Direct Service

Our agents are familiar with Amazon FBA requirements. Save time and money by having your items delivered directly to the Amazon FBA warehouse, arriving fully-stickered and ready for sale, rather than paying for expensive warehousing and prep in the United States. 

  • Quality Assurance & Testing

ASC Agents can coordinate requested and mandatory testing as well as perform critical quality inspections BEFORE you make final factory payments, protecting you from lost profits and bad reviews. Having the Agent coordinate tests and required Safety Data Sheets for hazmat before your product leaves China can save you a fortune in lost sales and high priced lab testing in the United States. Our agents will probably be aware of testing requirements of specific products and may alert you, however, as with every step of product manufacturing and importing, it is your responsibility to verify and check to ensure your products undergo appropriate and/or required testing. ASC provides no promise nor any warranty regarding product compliance.


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